Scout Movement 100 Years

Scout Movement 100 Years
The theme of the 2007 Europa stamp is the 'scout movement 100 years'. Scouts have existed in Åland since 1910, the oldest existing corps having been founded in the thirties.

The scout movement was established by the Englishman Robert Baden Powell, who wrote the book 'Scouting for boys'. In
Sweden, Ebbe Lieberath read the book and later founded the first Swedish scout corps. Around the same time, an Åland clergyman in Jomala came into contact with the Swedish scout movement and founded Finland's first scout corps in Åland 1910. More scout corps were founded in Finland later the same year.

In 1911, the Russians put down a ban on scouting in Åland; during the twenties, however, the movement regained momentum and in 1930, the boys' scout corps 'Spejarna' was founded. It still exists as one of five different scout corps in Åland. In Åland, the scout movement currently involves approximately 210 members.

The stamp shows a window opening towards the sea. The dark lines symbolize the scouts' art of knot-making as well as the threads of the web of life. The classic scout lily also appears on the stamp, which has been issued with a special effect called 'Metal FX', a new method of printing which implies that a silver colour is printed on the stamp prior to the 4-colour print.

Date of issue: 9 May 2007
Artist: Kjell Ekström
Issue: 300 000
Denomination: €0.70
Price FDC: €1.20
Size of stamp: 32 x 36.5 mm
Size of sheet: 2 x 15 stamps
Perforation: 13 per 2 cm
Paper: 102 g/m²
Printing method: 4-colour offset (+ Metal FX)
Printing house: The Lowe Martin Group
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