Belgium, Stamps Festival

Belgium, Stamp Festival The history of thematic philately - and so 'religious philately' - could be said to go back to the very first postage stamp, the Penny Black. The portrait of Queen Victoria couid just as well figure in a collection on British history or the Anglican Church.
In 1926 V. Gisquière and S. Strowski published the first book on Christian philately, "L'Inspiration Chrétienne et la Philatélie". In 1940 two Franciscan "ks in Germany founded GabrièI, thè first association for 'religious philately'. They inspired followers in other countries and in 1954 thè "Weltbund GabrièI" was founded. The Most Rev Volkaerts became  president of the Weltbund in 1965 and founded Belgium's Guild of St GabrièI four years er. !t was a great success in what was stili predominantly a Catholic country and membershìp ew to eight hundred. Numerous exhibitions and presales were organised. He was succeeded
by the Most Rev Henri Dessaer and Mark Bottu, thè first laic chairman. As vice-president of the Weltbund in 2000, he organised the world congress in Ghent in 2004.
When the Most Rev Frans Detroyer exhibited his collection of Madonnas for the first time, it became clear to him that Belgian thematic philately was not of international quality. In response he founded Themaphila in 1965. It would become a breeding ground for well-trained philatelists whon numerous prizes at international exhibitions.
The Walloon sister organisation Philathéma was founded by Armand Delvigne in 1989
Issue date: 29/09/2008
Theme: 50 years of thematic philately in Belgium - 50 years of the St Gabriel Guild
Denomination: 0,54
Stamp size: 40,20 mm x 27,66 mm
Composition oh the sheet: 10 stamps
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