Aland, Europa: colourful plastic toys in the year's booklet.

The 2010 stamp booklet holds stamps featuring funny piastic toys, produced by the Àland Plasto company.

To further enhance the piastic effect, UV lacquer has been added to the toy motifs!

The Plasto company was established in 1954, initially manufacturing motorcycle stickers and other stickers of the type, which could be found in packs of biscuits. Plasto soon switched to manufacturing toys and took part in the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany, already in thè 1950s.

The stamp booklet presents three different toys. Production of the green scooter called "the moon creature" with red wheels and handles, lively eyes and red antennae started in the 1960s and ended in 1988.

The second stamp features a red tipper lorry with a blue loading platform. The lorry is the most popular Plasto toy and is available in many sizes and colour combinations. Production started in 1973, and the lorries are stili being manufactured. The third stamp shows a yellow and a red duck. The ducks carne into being in 1975 and are stili being produced.

Photographer Kjell Sòderlund photographed leaping fleas in many colours for thè booklet cover. They first carne into production in thè 1970s. In thè 1990s, the design was slightly altered and the fleas are now called frogs.

The three toys will also May. This year's stamp watch features the moon creature

Date of issue: 10 May 2010
Photographer: Kjell Sòderlund
Edition: 95000
Denomination: Europa (9 x €0.85)
Price FDC: €3.10
Size of stamps: 52 x 23.83 mm
Size of booklet: 56 x 176 mm, 3x3 stamps
Perforation: 14 per 2 cm
Paper: 110 g/m2
Printing method: 4-co/our offset + UV lacquer
Printing house: Ósterreichische Staatsdruckerei
appear on thè three maximum cards issued 10

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