The Sand Wolf on this year's Europa stamps.

The theme of this year's Europa stamps is Children's books, and the Aland Post has decided to let the artist Kristine Digman illustrate the author Àsa Lind's well-known fairy tale character the Sand Wolf and his friend Zackarina.

The Sand Wolf series has been a great success for Asa Lind.

The books have been translated into 10 languaqes, and now the Sand Wolf and his friend Zackarina are featured on an Aland stamp.

"I took idea of the Sand Wolf from my daughter.

We were on holiday in Spanish Majorca and, getting into thè car after a day at the beach one day, she refused since, according to her, there was a Sand Wolf in thè car.

At first, I didn't think much of it but, after a while in silence, my daughter said:

"Now, thè Sand Wolf is chasing the car". I instantly knew that this was something I had to write about.

But it took several years before Asa took up the Sand Wolf idea again.

Initially, the Sand Wolf stories were written for broadcasting to be turned into books later.

The Sand Wolf may be well-known to many readers but to those of you, who have not yet read the novels, Asa describes him like this:

"The Sand Wolf is thè friend we ali wish to have. He is worldly-wise, eternai and loving."

Why the sympathetic Sand Wolf has become so popular is difficult for Asa to explain; even she is surprised at the popularity of the books.

Children as eli as adults in countries like Turkey, Korea and Germany have fallen for him.

Date of issue: 19 April 2010
Artist: Kristina Digman
Edition: 180 000
Denomination: Europa (€0.85)
Price FDC: €1.40
Size of stamp: 32 x 36.5 mm
2x15 stamps
Size of stamp: 13 per 2 cm
Paper: 105 g/m2
Printing method 4-colour offset
Printing house: The Lowe Martin Group

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