Aland, Europa, Fuli speed with laser sailboat.

This year's My Stamp issue offers a piece of news - a gummed sheet holding eight stamps.

The stamp is an action-packed photo of a boy sai/ing a Laser Radia, Several yacht clubs are registered in Aland, two of which are Mariehamns seglarfòrening r.f. (sailing club MSF) and Alands segelsàllskap r.f. (yachting club ASS).

Botri clubs are located in Marieharnn and have a long history: MSF was founded in 1917 and ASS in 1897.

In the stamp by photographer Daniel Eriksson we see a Laser Radiai.

The Laser boats come in three variants: 4.7, Radiai and Standard. A Radiai has the same hull as a Standard but a smaller mast and sail, and it is therefore better suited for young sailors.

The Laser Radiai is a small singlehanded dinghy with a mainsail area of 5.76 m2.

As of this year, the My Stamps issue will be changed from a self-adhesive booklet to a gummed sheet of eight stamps. yqu can stili order your own self-designed stamps at

Just like before, your photography will be placed within thè officiai frame of the Post.

The stamp is sold solely in complete sheets of 8 stamps. A complete sheet will also be included in thè Year Set.

Date of issue: 12 June 2010
Photographer: Daniel Eriksson
Denomination: Europa (€0.85)
Price sheet: €6.80 (8 stamps)
Price FDC: €1.40
Size of stamp: 28.8 x 43.2 m
Size of sheet: 144 x 105 mm, 8x1 stamp
Perforation: 13 per 2 cm
Paper: 135 g/m2
Printing method; 4-colour offset + UV print
Printing house: The Lowe Martin Group

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