Belgium, Nose in the Books.

Immersing yourself in a hook and forgetting everything around you. Not a lot of adults can stili do that, but its no probleni for.children. They can become engrossed in a book, especially when it s brought to life with gorgeous illustrations.

Gerda Dendooven and Kitty Crowther are both very good at illustrating books for chìldren and young adults.

They have some impressive achievements between them. De Post-La Poste brought Gerda and Kitty together to design a special issue - Nose in the Books.

Two artista who had to reach agreement on how to fili such a small piece of paper... a tough ask or naturai symbiosis?
The two illustrators and friends had wanted to work together on a Project for years. 'Nose in the Books' turned out to be just that project. Kitty Crowther is delighted with the end result, a blend of two differ-ent styles. 'I loved the postage stamps our illustrator colleague Tom Schamp had designed for De Post-La Poste and I was a bit jealous, I must admit. I was over the moon when De Post-La Poste proposed I design a postage stamp a few months later,' she smiles. 'We could finally get down to realising the dream of bringing together our two styles. I have huge admiration for her as an artist and a human being.

The bilingual partnership is unique in Beigium, where publishers would prefer to work with foreigners rather than looking at what is happening in the other pad of tte country, Yet Flemings and Walloons have a lot in common, if you asx certain type of humour and love of life.

Those are things I recognse the work of both Gerda and myself, al-though we othen rotally different ways.
Despite their stubborn characters. the two friends - who first met each other at a party tnrown oy tneir Dutch publisher ten years ago -quickly reached agreement on rhe style they would employ. 'Gerda works a lot with collages.

The cupboard is key to the design, exuding something intimate and secret. You can hide in there to read a book, for example.

The bird is a nod to De Post-La Poste. work on rather a big scale and in a rather graphical way. Kitty prefers a smaller scale, l'm an eternai doubter, whereas Kitty works faster, For me, the characters are typical of Kitty: disarming and sharp in a very sensitive way.

The animals are cut and pasted and refer to my work. Gerda is an unbeliev-able perfectionist, whereas I work intuitively.

Issue Date: 15/03/2010
Theme: children's books
Creation: Kitty Crowther & Gerda Dendooven
Denomination: 3
Price of the sheetlet: € 5,40
Stamp size: 27,66 mm x 40,20 mm
Sheetlet size: 80 mm x 120 mm
Presentation: 2 postage stamps
Paper: phosphorescent litho
Printing method: offset
Perforation: 11 Vz
Repro: De Schutter 'Neroc sa
Printing: Stamps Production Belgium

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