Belgium, special issues: in the spotlight, leaving the nest.

What better represents spring dian burgeoning life? We can ali look forward to the coming spring with die 'Leaving die Nest' special issue designed by Jean Libert.

Each of the ten postage stamps dep'icts a newborn pet animai, ama-zed and curious about thè world.

Photographer Kris Coppieters recor-ded their first experiences in the world.

It's a sweet and stirring series, without ever being sentimental. Animai lovers will be bowled over by these postage stamps, which are bursting with optimism and cheer.

They are sure to bring a smile to thè face of your correspondents.

Leaving the nest (self-adhesive)

Technical details:

Theme: young pets: chicks, rabbìts, kitten, ducklings, foal, puppy, lambs.
Creation: Jean Libert
Photo's: Kris Coppieters
Denomination: 1
Priceof thè sheetlet:€ 5,90
Stamp size: 30 mm x 25 mm
Booklet size: 60 mm x 166 mm
Presentation: booklet with 10 postage stamps
Paper: polyvalent-phosphorescent, self adhesive layer fixed on a supporting paper
Printing method: rotogravure
Perforation: partly straight and partly type 10 perforation
Engraving ( cylinders): De Schutter 'Neroc sa
Printing: Stamps Production Belgium

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