Belgium, The First World War

Belgium, The First World War Joint issue with New Zealand.

The Great War has shaped the landscape and left its traces. The plains of thè river Uzer (Yser) are stili extensively scared, with thè Trench of Death, military cemeteries and memorials. In almost the whole of Belgium, cities, towns and villages have raised monuments in homage to their sons who died on the field of honour, defending a country whose neutrality had been violated. There were endless bloody battles and countless futile offensives; a conflict that was expected to last only a few weeks became four long years of total war. Historians continue even now to be split on thè true causes of what was supposed to be 'thè war to end ali wars'. It was a disaster that caused deep ideological, politicai, mental and cultural splits and thè demogra-phic and economie consequences are stili perceptible today.

Issue date: 20/10/2008
Theme: 90 years after The First World War
Denomination: 0,
Stamp size: 200 mm x 83 mm
Composition oh the sheet: 3 stamps

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