Bird stamps from Algeria.

Algeria officially the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria (Al Jumhuriyah al Jazairiyah ad Dimuqratiyah ash Shabiyah), also formally referred to as the Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria, is a country in the Maghreb region of Northwest Africa with Algiers as its capital.

In terms of land area, it is the largest country in Africa and the Arab World (since South Sudan gained independence from Sudan in July 2011), and also of the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea; it is also the tenth-largest country in the world.

The country is bordered in the northeast by Tunisia, in the east by Libya, in the west by Morocco, in the southwest by Western Sahara, Mauritania, and Mali, in the southeast by Niger, and in the north by the Mediterranean Sea. Its size is almost 2,400,000 square kilometres (926,645 sq mi) with an estimated population of 36.3 million as of 2011.

Algeria is a member of the African Union, the Arab League, OPEC and the United Nations.

The country is also a founding member of the Arab Maghreb Union.

Face value | Family number | English name | Scientific name
1949.01   07.03.1949   Air   2v set   
White Stork Ciconia ciconia
50f     24     White Stork    Ciconia ciconia     
1949.02   16.11.1949   Air   2v set   1949.01
White Stork Ciconia ciconia
200f     24     White Stork    Ciconia ciconia     
1957.01   06.04.1957   Red Cross   2v set   
White Stork Ciconia ciconia
15f     24     White Stork    Ciconia ciconia     
1967.01   24.06.1967   Sahara fauna   4v set   
Common Ostrich Struthio camelus
20c     2     Common Ostrich    Struthio camelus     
1976.01   24.01.1976   Algerian birds      
Red-billed Firefinch Lagonosticta senegala Black-crowned Tchagra Tchagra senegalus African Blue Tit Cyanistes teneriffae Black-bellied Sandgrouse Pterocles orientalis
50c     219     Red-billed Firefinch    Lagonosticta senegala     
1.40d     145     Black-crowned Tchagra    Tchagra senegalus     
2d     177     African Blue Tit    Cyanistes teneriffae     
2.50d     69     Black-bellied Sandgrouse    Pterocles orientalis     
1977.01   19.05.1977   Algerian birds      
Tristram's Warbler Sylvia deserticola Moussier's Redstart Phoenicurus moussieri Temminck's Lark Eremophila bilopha Eurasian Hoopoe Upupa epops
60c     197     Tristram's Warbler    Sylvia deserticola     
1.40d     212     Moussier's Redstart    Phoenicurus moussieri     
2d     181     Temminck's Lark    Eremophila bilopha     
3d     96     Eurasian Hoopoe    Upupa epops     
1979.01   22.03.1979   Air      
White Stork Ciconia ciconia
10d     24     White Stork    Ciconia ciconia     
1979.02   18.10.1979   Birds      
Algerian Nuthatch Sitta ledanti
1.40d     205     Algerian Nuthatch    Sitta ledanti     
1982.01   23.12.1982   Nature protection      
Northern Bald Ibis Geronticus eremita Houbara Bustard Chlamydotis undulata Tawny Eagle Aquila rapax Bearded Vulture Gypaetus barbatus
50c     25     Northern Bald Ibis    Geronticus eremita     
80c     39     Houbara Bustard    Chlamydotis undulata     
2d     37     Tawny Eagle    Aquila rapax     
2.40d     37     Bearded Vulture    Gypaetus barbatus     
1987.01   15.10.1987   Birds      
Greater Flamingo Phoenicopterus roseus Purple Swamphen Porphyrio porphyrio Black-winged Kite Elanus caeruleus Red Kite Milvus milvus
1d     22     Greater Flamingo    Phoenicopterus roseus     
1.80d     46     Purple Swamphen    Porphyrio porphyrio     
2.50d     37     Black-winged Kite    Elanus caeruleus     
2.90d     37     Red Kite    Milvus milvus     
1988.01   07.04.1988   75th anniversary of Arab scouting      
2d     70     Stock Dove    Columba oenas     
1990.01   22.11.1990   Domestic animals   4v set   
Wild Turkey Meleagris gallopavo Red Junglefowl Gallus gallus
2.90d     11     Wild Turkey    Meleagris gallopavo     
3.30d     11     Red Junglefowl    Gallus gallus     
1995.01   20.12.1995   Birds      
Common Shelduck Tadorna tadorna Common Snipe Gallinago gallinago
3d     14     Common Shelduck    Tadorna tadorna     
5d     64     Common Snipe    Gallinago gallinago     
1998.01   11.11.1998   Birds      
Western Osprey Pandion haliaetus Audouin's Gull Ichthyaetus audouinii European Shag Phalacrocorax aristotelis Great Cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo
5d     36     Western Osprey    Pandion haliaetus     
10d     66     Audouin's Gull    Ichthyaetus audouinii     
24d     32     European Shag    Phalacrocorax aristotelis     
30d     32     Great Cormorant    Phalacrocorax carbo     
2000.01   19.01.2000   Birds      
Common Chaffinch Fringilla coelebs European Serin Serinus serinus Eurasian Bullfinch Pyrrhula pyrrhula European Goldfinch Carduelis carduelis
5d     225     Common Chaffinch    Fringilla coelebs     
5d     225     European Serin    Serinus serinus     
10d     225     Eurasian Bullfinch    Pyrrhula pyrrhula     
24d     225     European Goldfinch    Carduelis carduelis     
2001.01   24.01.2001   Birds      
Pied Avocet Recurvirostra avosetta Greylag Goose Anser anser Eurasian Bittern Botaurus stellaris Eurasian Curlew Numenius arquata
5d     57     Pied Avocet    Recurvirostra avosetta     
5d     14     Greylag Goose    Anser anser     
10d     26     Eurasian Bittern    Botaurus stellaris     
24d     64     Eurasian Curlew    Numenius arquata     
2005.01   26.01.2005   Pigeons      
Common Wood Pigeon Columba palumbus Rock Pigeon Columba livia
10d     70     Common Wood Pigeon    Columba palumbus     
15d     70     Rock Pigeon    Columba livia     
2006.01   25.01.2006   Birds      
White Stork Ciconia ciconia Black Stork Ciconia nigra Eurasian Spoonbill Platalea leucorodia Common Crane Grus grus
10d     24     White Stork    Ciconia ciconia     
15d     24     Black Stork    Ciconia nigra     
20d     25     Eurasian Spoonbill    Platalea leucorodia     
30d     48     Common Crane    Grus grus     
2010.01   27.01.2010   Raptors      
Golden Eagle Aquila chrysaetos Lanner Falcon Falco biarmicus Peregrine Falcon Falco peregrinus
15d     37     Golden Eagle    Aquila chrysaetos     
20d     38     Lanner Falcon    Falco biarmicus     
30d     38     Peregrine Falcon    Falco peregrinus     

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