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  1. Afghanistan
  2. Aland
  3. Alderney
  4. Andorra (France)
  5. Andorra (Spain)
  6. Anguilla 
  7. Argentina
  8. Armenia
  9. Austria
  10. Australia
  11. Azerbaijan
  12. Azzore
  13. Belgium
  14. Read also: Belgium, 80th birthday of Queen Fabiola.
  15. Bielorusia
  16. Bosnia Hercegovina (Sarajevo)
  17. Bosnia Herzegonina (Croat)
  18. Botswana. 
  19. Brazil 
  20. Burundi 
  21. Canada
  22. Colombia
  23. Chile
  24. Costa Rica 
  25. Cuba
  26. Estonia
  27. Greenland
  28. Read also: 50 Years of Greenlandic Stamps: culture, nature, history and present.
  29. Italy
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