Belgium, 80th birthday of Queen Fabiola

Countess Fabiola de Mora y Aragon was born in Madrid on 11 June 1928. Fabiola grew up with six siblings, as a member of a centuries-old Spanish aristocratic family.
Fabiola met King Bau­douin in 1958. Two years later, on 15 De-cember 1960, Belgium celebrated their mar-riage in Brussels.

The lack of an heir was a cause of great sor-row, although their deep bond and open-ness ensured that thè whole of thè coun­try were theirs. Fate struck on 31 July 1993.

King Baudouin passed away suddenly from a heart attack in his countryhouse in Motril, Spain. The whole country was plunged into mourning. At King Baudouin's funeral, dressed in white as a sign of hope, Fabiola offered comfort to ali Bel-gians.

Fabiola retained thè title of Queen after thè death of her husband. The widow's schedule has become a little less busy, but she continues to be closely involved in a number of cultural and so­cial initiatives.

As thè honorary president of thè Queen Elisabeth Music Competi-tion for instance. She is also honorary president of thè King Baudouin Foun­dation, while supporting a great many socio-medicai projects through her As-sistance Fund and thè Fabiola Foun­dation. Ali told, Queen Fabiola is safe-guarding thè moral legacy of Baudouin.

Date: 11/06/2008
Theme: 80th birthday of Queen Fabiola
Creation of thè stamps: Myriam Voz & Thierry Martin
Portrait of Queen Fabiola (centrai stamp): Eddle Van Hoef
Stamp size: 38.15 mm x 48.75 mm
Sheet size: 170 mm x 120 mm
Composition of thè sheets: 3 postage stamps
Paper: GPW phosphorescent
Printing method: rotogravure (gold prlnt)
Engraving (cylinders): De Schutter 'Neroc nv
Printing: The Post • Stamp Printing Office Mechelen

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