Aland, My Stamps Have a Christmas Theme

The third frame for My Stamps will be out in October. Shou/d you want to create your own stamps, you can now also choose a Christmas-themed frame. The motif features yet another sport for young people, namely horse riding.
In Aland, like in many other places, horse riding is popular among young people. A number of stables around Aland offer riding lessons, camps and competitions. Many people also have their own horses; there are well over 1 000 horses in Aland.

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The new frame for My Stamps is available as of 9 October and has been designed by Cecilia Mattsson. The Christmas-themed frame and thè denomination 'Europa' (€0.75*) will suit perfect for your self-designed Christmas stamps! The self-adhesive 'Riding' stamps also functions as thè Post's supplementary Christmas motif for 2008.

The bookiet cover depicts youngsters riding one after thè other. The cover will be thè same for everybody who chooses thè Christmas-themed frame for their own stamps.

Date of issue Artist
Denomination Price FDC Size of stamp Size of bookiet Perforation Printing method Printing house
9 October 2008
Mari Stefansdotter
Europa (€0.75*)
45.99 x 30.30 mm
286 x 66 mm, 8x1 stamp
Security perforation
4-colour offset
Carter Security Printing

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