Aland, Ninth Art Piate with a Lumparland Motif

In June, thè time has come for thè issue of art piate no. 9. It shows a motif from thè municipality of Lumparland.

The series of Aland art plates follows thè stamp series Àland Scenery. The motif of piate no. 9 is thè same as thè motif of thè stamp issued 15 Aprii.

The beautiful motif on thè art piate was photographed at Langvikshagen in Klemetsby by Erkki Santamala.

The price for thè piate is €44.50 and thè edition is limited to 800 plates.
You can see a picture of thè art piate in thè Post's press room at thè home page of thè Aland Post.

L'immagine “” non può essere visualizzata poiché contiene degli errori.

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