Aland, Issuing programme 2008

You now have the possibility of creating your own personalized stamps! You choose* the motif, so take the chance and choose one of your favourite photos for your own unique stamp! Here you can see some of the possibilities of My Stamps; however, only your fantasy sets the limit! My Stamps is the perfect choice for special occasions and birthdays, invitations for weddings or christenings or for the holiday greeting cards.

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1.2 Fishes: Perch and Zander

27.3 Postal labels: Burnet rose

27.3 Nordic: ‘Queen’s Gorge’

15.4 Åland scenery: Lumparland and Mariehamn

9.5 Europa, Letter Writing

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9.5 Olympic Games, Beijing

8.6 Lighthouses (booklet of 2 x 4 stamps)

26.7 My Åland, Marcus Grönholm

15.8 Åland peasant bride

9.10 My stamps: Riding

(self-adhesive booklet, 8 x 1 stamp)

9.10 Christmas 2008 (sketch)

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