Belgium, Beijing Olympics

The Olympics go to China for thè first lime ever between 8 and 24 August 2008.

The Chinese are committed to using thè world's greatest sporting event to give thè entire globe a positive view on their fast-developing nation.

As per tradition, to mark this 29th Olympiad, we are issuing three sensational postage stamps.

We decided to focus on BMX, track and field (women's relay) and tennis.
BMX (bicycle motorcross) is a new Olympic discipline. This spectacular sport was invented on thè west coast of thè United States in thè late sixties. Flashy outfits and daredevilry secure thè sport a youthful following. The bikes are robust, small and very mobile, with small wheels and thick tyres.

Since our women's 4 x 100 m quartet Kim Gevaert, Manna Marièn, Elo­die Ouedraogo and Olivia Borlée raced to bronze at thè Osaka Athle-tics World Championships in 2007 we've been dreaming of an Olympic medal in this prestigious event. Our medal haul may even rise to three
'BELGiaUE-BÉLGIE 0.90* if Kim Gevaert (100 m and 200 m) and Tia Hellebaut (high jump) are on
code: osi7B- their game.

After battling to gold in thè Athens Olympics back in 2004, Justine Henin is looking to add another honour to her roll in thè Beijing tourna-ment. The whole of Belgium is hoping that thè female sportsperson thè country has ever pro-duced is up to thè challenge. Despite thè recent performances of our male players, we stili hope that Steve Darcis, Xavier Malisse, Dick Norman, Christophe and Olivier Rochus qualify and up-set thè odds to win a medal.

Theme: Beijing Olympics - BMX, (rack & field and tennis
Creation: Myriam Voz & Thierry Martin (MVTM)
Pictures BMX and tennis: © Belga
Denomination: BMX = 0 or € 0.54 - Track & fìeld = € 0.90
Tennis = © or € 1.08 Stamp size: BMX = 27.66 mm x 40.20 mm
Track & field = 40.20 mm x 27.66 mm
Tennis = 48.75 mm x 38.15 mm Sheet size: BMX = 166 mm x 140 mm
Track & field = 140 mm x 166 mm
Tennis = 125mmx90mm
Composition o/t sheets: 10 (BMX/Track & field) and 1 (tennis) Paper: GPW phosphorescent (BMX/Track & field)
GPW fluorescent (tennis) Printing method: rotogravure Engraving (cylinders): De Schutter 'Neroc nv Printing: The Post - Stamp Printing Office Mechelen

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