Bird stamps from Cape Verde Islands.

Cape Verde s an island country, spanning an archipelago of 10 islands located in the central Atlantic Ocean, 570 kilometres (350 miles) off the coast of Western Africa. 

The islands, covering a combined area of slightly over 4,000 square kilometres (1,500 sq mi), are of volcanic origin and while three of them (Sal, Boa Vista and Maio) are fairly flat, sandy and dry, the remaining ones are generally rockier and have more vegetation.

However, because of infrequent rainfall, the islands are not particularly green.

The name of the country stems from the nearby Cap Vert, on the Senegalese coast,which in its turn was originally named "Cabo Verde" when it was sighted by Portuguese explorers in 1444, a few years before the islands were discovered (verde is Portuguese for "green").

The previously uninhabited islands were discovered and colonized by the Portuguese in the 15th Century, and became important in the Atlantic slave trade for their location. The islands' prosperity often attracted privateers and pirates, including Sir Francis Drake, a corsair (privateer) under the authority of the British crown, who twice sacked the (then) capital Ribeira Grande, in the 1580s.

The islands were also visited by Charles Darwin's expedition in 1832. The decline in the slave trade in the 19th century resulted in an economic crisis for the islands. With few natural resources, and without strong sustainable investment from the Portuguese, the citizens grew increasingly discontent with the colonial masters, who nevertheless refused to provide the local authorities with more autonomy.

A budding independence movement culminated in 1975, when a movement originally led by Amílcar Cabral (who was assassinated on 20 January 1973) then passed onto his half-brother Luís Cabral, achieved independence for the archipelago.

The country has an estimated population (most of creole ethnicity) of about 500,000, with its capital city Praia accounting for a quarter of its citizens. Nearly 38% of the population lives in rural areas according to the 2010 Cape Verdean census; about 10.6% lives below the poverty threshold, according to the world bank data |2011|, and the literacy rate is around 85%. Politically, the country is a very stable democracy, with notable economic growth and improvements of living conditions despite its lack of natural resources, and has garnered international recognition by other countries and international organizations, which often provide development aid. Since 2007, Cape Verde has been classified as a developing nation.

Tough economic times during the last decades of its colonization and the first years of Cape Verde's independence led many to migrate to Europe, the Americas and other African countries. This migration was so significant that the number of Cape Verdeans and their descendants living abroad currently exceeds the population of Cape Verde itself. Historically, the influx of remittances from these immigrant communities to their families has provided a substantial contribution to help strengthen the country's economy.

Currently, the Cape Verdean economy is mostly service-oriented with a growing focus on tourism and foreign investment, which benefits from the islands' warm climate throughout the year, diverse landscape, welcoming people[citation needed] and cultural wealth, especially in music.
Face value | Family number | English name | Scientific name
1981.01   30.12.1981   Birds      
Little Egret Egretta garzetta Western Barn Owl Tyto alba Grey-headed Kingfisher Halcyon leucocephala Common Moorhen Gallinula chloropus Helmeted Guineafowl Numida meleagris
1e     26     Little Egret    Egretta garzetta     
4.50e     77     Western Barn Owl    Tyto alba     
8e     92     Grey-headed Kingfisher    Halcyon leucocephala     
10e     46     Common Moorhen    Gallinula chloropus     
12e     9     Helmeted Guineafowl    Numida meleagris     
1981.02   30.12.1981   Birds      
Raso Lark Alauda razae
50e     181     Raso Lark    Alauda razae     MS
1993.01   29.10.1993   Nature reserves      
Cape Verde Shearwater Calonectris edwardsii Brown Booby Sula leucogaster Magnificent Frigatebird Fregata magnificens Red-billed Tropicbird Phaethon aethereus
10e     18     Cape Verde Shearwater    Calonectris edwardsii     
30e     31     Brown Booby    Sula leucogaster     
40e     30     Magnificent Frigatebird    Fregata magnificens     
41e     23     Red-billed Tropicbird    Phaethon aethereus     
1994.01   18.02.1994   Hong Kong 94      1993.01
Magnificent Frigatebird Fregata magnificens
40e     30     Magnificent Frigatebird    Fregata magnificens     No year imprint MS
2003.01   19.07.2003   Herons and egrets      
Purple Heron Ardea purpurea Grey Heron Ardea cinerea Western Cattle Egret Bubulcus ibis Little Egret Egretta garzetta
10e     26     Purple Heron    Ardea purpurea     
27e     26     Grey Heron    Ardea cinerea     
42e     26     Western Cattle Egret    Bubulcus ibis     
60e     26     Little Egret    Egretta garzetta     
2005.01   08.08.2005   Birds      
Iago Sparrow Passer iagoensis Common Waxbill Estrilda astrild House Sparrow Passer domesticus Cape Verde Warbler Acrocephalus brevipennis
19e     218     Iago Sparrow    Passer iagoensis     
42e     220     Common Waxbill    Estrilda astrild     
44e     218     House Sparrow    Passer domesticus     
55e     190     Cape Verde Warbler    Acrocephalus brevipennis     
2008.01   25.11.2008   Birds of prey      
Cape Verde Buzzard Buteo bannermani Common Kestrel Falco tinnunculus Western Osprey Pandion haliaetus Peregrine Falcon Falco peregrinus
5e     37     Cape Verde Buzzard    Buteo bannermani     
20e     38     Common Kestrel    Falco tinnunculus     
40e     36     Western Osprey    Pandion haliaetus     
60e     38     Peregrine Falcon    Falco peregrinus     
2010.01   31.05.2010   Discovery of Cape Verde   3v set   
Cape Verde Shearwater Calonectris edwardsii
60e     18     Cape Verde Shearwater    Calonectris edwardsii     
2010.02   07.06.2010   Nature reserve Monte Gordo   6v set   
Common Quail Coturnix coturnix Brown-necked Raven Corvus ruficollis Rock Pigeon Columba livia
40e     11     Common Quail    Coturnix coturnix     
50e     162     Brown-necked Raven    Corvus ruficollis     
60e     70     Rock Pigeon    Columba livia     

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