Bird stamps from Cameroon.

Cameroon is a country in west Central Africa. It is bordered by Nigeria to the west; Chad to the northeast; the Central African Republic to the east; and Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and the Republic of the Congo to the south.

Cameroon's coastline lies on the Bight of Bonny, part of the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean.

The country is called "Africa in miniature" for its geological and cultural diversity. Natural features include beaches, deserts, mountains, rainforests, and savannas.

The highest point is Mount Cameroon in the southwest, and the largest cities are Douala, Yaoundé and Garoua.

Cameroon is home to over 200 different linguistic groups. The country is well known for its native styles of music, particularly makossa and bikutsi, and for its successful national football team. French and English are the official languages. Early inhabitants of the territory included the Sao civilisation around Lake Chad and the Baka hunter-gatherers in the southeastern rainforest.

Portuguese explorers reached the coast in the 15th century and named the area Rio dos Camarões, the name from which Cameroon derives. Fulani[7] soldiers founded the Adamawa Emirate in the north in the 19th century, and various ethnic groups of the west and northwest established powerful chiefdoms and fondoms. Cameroon became a German colony in 1884.

After World War I, the territory was divided between France and Britain as League of Nations mandates. The Union des Populations du Cameroun (UPC) political party advocated independence, but was outlawed by France in the 1950s. It waged war on French and UPC militant forces until 1971. In 1960, the French-administered part of Cameroon became independent as the Republic of Cameroun under President Ahmadou Ahidjo.

The southern part of British Cameroons merged with it in 1961 to form the Federal Republic of Cameroon. The country was renamed the United Republic of Cameroon in 1972 and the Republic of Cameroon in 1984. Compared to other African countries, Cameroon enjoys relatively high political and social stability. This has permitted the development of agriculture, roads, railways, and large petroleum and timber industries. Nevertheless, large numbers of Cameroonians live in poverty as subsistence farmers.

Power lies firmly in the hands of the authoritarian president since 1982, Paul Biya, and his Cameroon People's Democratic Movement party. The English-speaking territories of Cameroon have grown increasingly alienated from the government, and politicians from those regions have called for greater decentralization and even secession (for example: the Southern Cameroons National Council) of the former British-governed territories.

Face value | Family number | English name | Scientific name
1953.01   18.11.1953   Edea Barrage (Edea dam)      
African Sacred Ibis Threskiornis aethiopicus
15f     25     African Sacred Ibis    Threskiornis aethiopicus     
1962.01   15.06.1962   Ostrich, Camp de Waza      
Common Ostrich Struthio camelus
200f     2     Common Ostrich    Struthio camelus     
1971.01   09.04.1971   Landscapes (Waza national park)   3v set   
Black Crowned Crane Balearica pavonina
10f     48     Black Crowned Crane    Balearica pavonina     
1972.01   20.11.1972   Birds      
Great Blue Turaco Corythaeola cristata Red-headed Lovebird Agapornis pullarius
10f     75     Great Blue Turaco    Corythaeola cristata     
45f     73     Red-headed Lovebird    Agapornis pullarius     
1977.01   20.03.1977   Cameroun birds      
Common Ostrich Struthio camelus Black Crowned Crane Balearica pavonina
30f     2     Common Ostrich    Struthio camelus     
50f     48     Black Crowned Crane    Balearica pavonina     
1979.01   20.09.1979   Endangered animals   5v set   
Western Cattle Egret Bubulcus ibis
100f     26     Western Cattle Egret    Bubulcus ibis     
1982.01   10.08.1982   Birds   "REPUBLIQUE UNIE DU…"   
Mount Cameroon Francolin Pternistis camerunensis Red-eyed Dove Streptopelia semitorquata Barn Swallow Hirundo rustica
10f     11     Mount Cameroon Francolin    Pternistis camerunensis     
15f     70     Red-eyed Dove    Streptopelia semitorquata     
20f     183     Barn Swallow    Hirundo rustica     
1983.01   15.06.1983   Birds      
Martial Eagle Polemaetus bellicosus Rufous-breasted Sparrowhawk Accipiter rufiventris Purple Heron Ardea purpurea
25f     37     Martial Eagle    Polemaetus bellicosus     
30f     37     Rufous-breasted Sparrowhawk    Accipiter rufiventris     
50f     26     Purple Heron    Ardea purpurea     
1984.01   10.10.1984   Birds      
Common Nightingale Luscinia megarhynchos Rüppell's Vulture Gyps rueppellii
60f     213     Common Nightingale    Luscinia megarhynchos     
60f     37     Rüppell's Vulture    Gyps rueppellii     
1985.01   20.11.1985   Birds   3v set   
Black-casqued Wattled Hornbill Ceratogymna atrata European Robin Erithacus rubecula
140f     98     Black-casqued Wattled Hornbill    Ceratogymna atrata     
200f     213     European Robin    Erithacus rubecula     
1986.01   20.03.1986   Birds   "REPUBLIQUE DU…"   1982.01
Mount Cameroon Francolin Pternistis camerunensis
10f     11     Mount Cameroon Francolin    Pternistis camerunensis     
1991.01   03.05.1991   Birds      
Mount Kupe Bushshrike Chlorophoneus kupeensis Grey-necked Rockfowl Picathartes oreas Grey-necked Rockfowl Picathartes oreas Mount Kupe Bushshrike Chlorophoneus kupeensis
70f     145     Mount Kupe Bushshrike    Chlorophoneus kupeensis     
70f     167     Grey-necked Rockfowl    Picathartes oreas     
300f     167     Grey-necked Rockfowl    Picathartes oreas     = 2
350f     145     Mount Kupe Bushshrike    Chlorophoneus kupeensis     = 1
1991.02   03.05.1991   Birds   Sheet   1991.01
Grey-necked Rockfowl Picathartes oreas Mount Kupe Bushshrike Chlorophoneus kupeensis
300f     167     Grey-necked Rockfowl    Picathartes oreas     
350f     145     Mount Kupe Bushshrike    Chlorophoneus kupeensis     
1992.01   New face value      1985.01
European Robin Erithacus rubecula
125f     213     European Robin    Erithacus rubecula     
1992.02   New face value      1983.01, 1984.01
Rufous-breasted Sparrowhawk Accipiter rufiventris Common Nightingale Luscinia megarhynchos
200f     37     Rufous-breasted Sparrowhawk    Accipiter rufiventris     
350f     213     Common Nightingale    Luscinia megarhynchos     
1993.01   New face value      1983.01
Martial Eagle Polemaetus bellicosus
370f     37     Martial Eagle    Polemaetus bellicosus     
1995.01   Birds      
Grey Parrot Psittacus erithacus
125f     73     Grey Parrot    Psittacus erithacus     
1998.01   Tourism   7v set   
Black Crowned Crane Balearica pavonina
175f     48     Black Crowned Crane    Balearica pavonina     
410f     48     Black Crowned Crane    Balearica pavonina     = 175f
1998.02   Birds      
Four-colored Bushshrike Telophorus quadricolor
125f     145     Four-colored Bushshrike    Telophorus quadricolor     

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