Railway stamps of Austria.

In philately a railway stamp is a stamp issued to pay the cost of the conveyance of a letter or parcel by rail.

A wide variety of railway stamps have been issued by different countries and by private and state railways.

Railway stamps of an unofficial or semi-official type are considered cinderella stamps.

The first railway stamp was issued in England in 1846 for parcels and Belgium has issued railway stamps since 1879.
From 1891 British mainline railway companies issued railway letter stamps for the conveyance of letters by rail, although that service has now ceased apart from on some small tourist lines.
railway stamps Austria

au812:steam locomotive 'Austria"
au814: electric locomotive
au1364: multi-unit electric train
au1392: electric locomotive and first steam locomotive 'Austria'

au1505: locomotive of 1867
au1624: railway tracks at nitrogen factory Linz
au1626: electric train on Semmering Line
au1719: 19th century postman and mail transport

au1793: steam locomotive 'Austria', 1897
au1794: type "214" steam locomotive, 1928
au1795: type "1044" electric locomotive, 1974
au1860: underground train, Vienna

au1857: series "52"goods locomotive
au1882: Falkenstein railway bridge
au1960: Monding-Hinterbruhl electric railway tram no.5, 1883
au2027: electric train on Schanatobel bridge

au2028: electric train on Falkenstein bridge
au2053: electric train, Boheimkirchen
au2099: nineteenth century steam tram and modern electric articulated tram, Salzburg
aums2129: anniversary of Austrian Railways emblem

au2157: steamlocomotive Aigen, Muhlkreis Railway, 1887
au2158: modern electric tram and Josefsplatz stop, Vienna
au2182: loading railway mail van at Pardubitz station, 1914
au2202: steam locomotive, Achensee Rack-railway

au9001: day of the stamp 1990
au9401: 100 years Gailtalbahn
au9402: 100 years Murtalbahn
au97-1: ???

au97-2: ???
au1998-1: ???
au1998-2: ???
au1998-3: ???
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