Railway stamps of Belgium

In philately a railway stamp is a stamp issued to pay the cost of the conveyance of a letter or parcel by rail.
A wide variety of railway stamps have been issued by different countries and by private and state railways.
Railway stamps of an unofficial or semi-official type are considered cinderella stamps.
The first railway stamp was issued in England in 1846 for parcels and Belgium has issued railway stamps since 1879.
From 1891 British mainline railway companies issued railway letter stamps for the conveyance of letters by rail, although that service has now ceased apart from on some small tourist lines.
railway stamps Belgium_thumb[2]

be1197: train and ostend arms
be1563: E. Walschaerts (locomotive engineer)
be1584: electric train and railway bridge
be1609: goods train

be1611: tracks Zeebrugge Harbour
be1651: mail train
be1855: winged railway wheel in 'Transport'
be 2108: mail train

be2274: 'UIC' (International Railways Union) on coupled wagons
be2445: modern electric train
be2446: underground train, Brussels
be2520: railway signal as arrows on map of Europe

be2650: railway parcels stamp
be2745: horse tram
be2746: electric tram
be2747: tram with trolley

be2754: graphic representation of Midi railway station, Brussels
be2757: 'Night Trains' (p> Delvaux)
be2779: electric commuter train
be2826: class '18' steam train, 1896

be2827: locomotive 'Elephant', 1835
be2828: class '23' tank engine, 1904
be2829: class '1' Pacific locomotive, 1935
bems2830: class '27' electric locomotive

be2834: aerial view of Zeebrugge harbour showing railway tracks
be1997-1: ????
be1997-2: ????
be1997-3: ????

be1998-1: ????
be1998-2: ????
be1998-3: ????
be1998-4: ????
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