Belgium, Mustelids

Belgium, Musatelids Mustelids are the largest family of carnivorous mammals, comprising some 70 species, spread across the globe, except for Australia and Antarctica.
The family includes stoats, weasels, polecats, bad-gers, otters, minks and more. They vary greatly in size, from the 35g weasel to the wolverine and the giant otter, which weigh in at 30 kg and 32 kg res-pectively.
Mustelids generally have a long body with short legs, which enables them to crawl virtually anywhere. Their ears are small and round. Like other carnivo-res, they have big sharp Code: 0823" canines and carnassials.
Mustelids are generally solitary creatures, although badgers live in families. The male is typically larger than thè female.
Mustelids often live dose to farms, where thè vegetation offers an attractive hiding piace.

Theme: Mustelids
Issue date: 29/09/2008
Composition of the sheet: 6 stamps
Denomination: 0,54
Sheet size: 178 mm x 146 mm
Composition oh the sheet: 6 stamps

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