Belgium, the Smurfs

 Belgium, The Smurfs The Belgian cartoonist Peyo first introduced thè world to the Smurfs on 23 October 1958, although they were no-thing more than incidental characters in a Johan and Pewwitt story set in the Middle Ages. Suddenly, in the ninth story in the series, a little voice exclaims: 'Can't you watch where you put your smurfs? You almost smurfed me!' A little blue man comes out from be-hind a rock, followed by others. Who knew back then that a legend was in thè making?

The story was soon renamed after these curious creatures. It was even made into a cartoon with Yvan Delporte. Gradually, a world carne into view that was full of imagination, humour, poetry and tenderness.

The Smurfs have gone global in albums, spin-offs, a US TV series and even an amusement park in France. The enormous success led to Peyo setting up his own publishing house and studio, where illustratore like Walthéry and Wasterlain learned thè business. Since his death, Peyo's son Thierry Culliford has continued thè tradition.

So the Smurfs have not done smurfing yet.

Issue date: 29/09/2008
Theme: 50 th Anniversary of The Smurfs
Shett size: 186mm x 156 mm
Denomination:      0,54
Composition oh the sheet: 5 stamps

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