Luxembourg, 25th anniversary of the Schengen Accord.

The Schengen convention promotes the opening of borders between the signatory countries. The territory thus created is commonly called the “Schengen space”, “Schengen” from the name of the village of Schengen, a town on the border between Germany, Luxembourg and France where the accord was signed between the five States of the era.

The Federal Republic of Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands signed on 14 June 1985 at Schengen, on board the pleasure yacht MS “Princesse Marie-Astrid”, an accord relating to the gradual suppression of controls on people traveling across borders between the contracting parties.

Following this accord, the Schengen space was institutionalised on a European scale by the Amsterdam Treaty of 1997. “Traité de Lisbonne” The Lisbon Treaty, ratified in 2008, modified the legal rules relating to the Schengen space and reinforced the notion of a “space of liberty, security and justice”.

The signatory countries have a common policy as it relates to visas and have strengthened border controls with countries outside the space. Even though there is, in theory, no longer any internal border controls in the Schengen space, they can be put back in place temporarily if necessary to maintain public order or national security. From now on, foreign citizens who have a long-term visa for one of the member countries can travel freely throughout the zone.

Price of the stamp : 0,70 €
Layout: Advantage Communication S.A., Luxembourg-Hamm (L);
Printing: Multicolored high-resolution offset by Cartor Security Print S.A., La Loupe (F);

40 x 30 mm, 10 stamps per sheet.

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