Luxembourg, A Special Series Countdown 2010 Arnica Montana

Since the 1960s, more than 80% of wetlands and about 35% of grasslands have disappeared in Luxembourg. At the same time, the area occupied by orchards has been reduced by 58.5%. In the countryside, nearly 28.5% of hedges and rows of trees and more than half (-55%) of solitary trees have been eliminated.

Taking into account the acceleration of ecosystem destruction and species extinction, the countries present at the World Summit of the Earth in Johannesburg have decided to slow down in a significant manner the reduction of biodiversity.

The countries of Europe are involved even more: at the 5th ministerial conference “One environment for Europe” in Kiev in May 2003, the European ministers of the environment formally committed themselves to stop the loss of biodiversity.

Biodiversity is the foundation of all life. It offers protection, food, pharmaceutical products, and includes :

• genetic diversity of living beings;
• multiplicity of species;
• variety of ecosystems.

The engagement of Luxembourg in this context is confirmed by its official participation in the “Countdown 2010” initiative, an international partnership under the aegis of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and including governments, regional and local authorities as well as non-governmental organisations, with a goal of mobilising forces for the protection of biological diversity and also for raising public awareness.

The “Countdown 2010” initiative has a goal of ensuring that governments keep their promises.

“Countdown 2010” is a pan-European initiative which involves 53 States. It is a large alliance of primary players from all sectors (national and local governments and administrations, international organisations, NGOs and the private sector).

This is the objective that European leaders and many of the NGOs and institutions have set for themselves. The more interested people there are, the more species of flora and fauna that will be saved from extinction.

The official partners in Luxembourg are the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, the 21 communities of “Sicona-Ouest” (Intercommunal Syndicate of the West for the Conservation of Nature) and the “Fondation Hëllef fir d’Natur” Foundation.

Since 1982, the “Fondation Hëllef fir d’Natur” Foundation has acted definitively to protect biodiversity, the natural heritage of our regions, the natural space for fauna, flora, and Man. Up to 2010, the Foundation has been able to acquire 910 ha of nature reserves thanks to various benefactors.

The rehabilitation project for the pearl mussel in the “Our” River, and the restoration project of the arnica montana, are two of the concrete activities designed to fight the loss of biodiversity.

Price of the series : 1,70 €
Drawings: Johan de Crem (B);
Printing: High-resolution offset by Imprimerie du Timbre, La Poste, Malines (B);

27,66 x 40,20 mm, 10 stamps per sheet.

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