Luxembourg, The Shanghai 2010 Universal Exhibition

From 1st May to 31st October, 2010, the universal exhibition will welcome some 70 million visitors from around the world to a site of 5 square kilometres in Shanghai.

As part of this exhibition, which theme is “A better City, a better Life”, Luxembourg wants to highlight the actions of a small country in the group of nations involved.

The objective is to illustrate the concept of sustainable development throughout the pavilion.

To distinguish itself from the more than 200 pavilions in the exhibition and to highlight the specific identity of a country often called the “Green Heart of Europe”, the designers have imagined a quasi-monolithic sculptural form.

In Chinese, “Luxembourg” is pronounced “lùsên bâo”, which means “forest and fortress”. The Luxembourg pavilion wants to be an open fortress, bathed in green.

The architectural structure of the pavilion resembles intersecting ramparts with large openings leading to space which surrounds a kind of medieval tower.

The pavilion is, from its construction and its use of materials, an example of a sustainable city which respects the natural environment while offering modern conveniences.

The materials used are steel, wood, and glass, recyclable materials. The enclosing walls are cut by various translucent panels.

The energy concept of the pavilion is based on energy efficiency, the economies of energy and renewable energy.

Several large entryways and exits will allow a continuous flow of visitors. It will be necessary to handle almost 50,000 visitors per day.

Price of the stamp : 0,90 € Layout: Hermann & Valentiny et associés (L); Printing: High-resolution offset by Joh. Enschedé Stamps, Haarlem (NL); Dimensions:

50 x 30 mm, 10 stamps per sheet.

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