Belgium, Folklore and traditions

Were you captivated by handed-down tales related by your parents or grandparents? Do you know about thè superstitious beliefs of past generations? Birth, marriage and death had their own traditions.

In our fast evolving society there is little room for thè customs and fol­klore of our ancestors. Be that as it may, some traditions nave survived:
ringing thè death knell, exchanging wedding bands, Easter eggs and « S singing children on Twelfth Night.

The folklore of our country is expressed in major events, parades and processions. They are often religious in origin, while some even go back to thè era of thè Celts.

It was in those distant times that theatre first emerged from thè temples and churches to become a popular form of entertainment for thè masses. Most towns and villages stili organise carnivals and processions, and support locai theatre companies. The four postage stamps by Jacques Doppée, engraved by Guillaume Broux, illustrate this wealth of folklore and tradition in Belgium.

Text: Lue Aspeslagh

Theme: Hopduvelfeesten in Asse - 700* planting of thè Meyboom (Brussels) Carnival in Eupen -100'" anniversary of thè " Royale Compagnie du Cabaret Wallon tournaisien"
Creation: Jacques Doppée and Guillaume Broux
Denomination: Q or € 0.54
Stamp size: Hopduvelfeesten = 40.20mmx27.66mm Others = 27.66 mm x 40.20 mm
Sheet size: Hopduvelfeesten = 100 mm x 166 mm Others = 166 mm x 100 mm
Composition of thè sheets: 10 postage stamps
Paper: GPW phosphorescent
Printing method: combined rotogravure and steel engraving
Engraving (cylinders): De Schutter 'Neroc nv
Printing: The Post - Stamp Printing Office Mechelen
" Included in thè postage stamp subscription

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