Belgium Congo 1908-2008: the famous "Elephant Hunt".

This postage stamp is actually a stamp within a stamp, as it is a reproduction of thè famous "Elephant Hunt" issue.

It is one of the "Mols and van Engelen" stamps so familiar to philatelists. These issues were based on a diorama by the artists R. Mols (1843-1903) and P. Van Engelen (1863-1924), which was presented in thè Congo Sec-tion of the Antwerp Fair in 1894.

The stamp was issued on 25 November 1894.

Following Belgium's annexation of thè Independent State of the Congo, it was changed to 'Belgian Congo' by hand in Brussels and Africa, then in print in Belgium.

On 1 January 1909 it was made available to thè generai public with the correction.

The bilingual issue carne a year later. The painting depicts a native with a spear chasing an elephant whose tusks can be seen. A second elephant can be seen against thè hills in thè background.
Fortechnical reasons, it proved very difficult to line-engrave in two colours, so only the black parts of the stamp (hunting scene, landscape and correction) were engraved using a reproduction of the originai stamp.

Issue date: 20/10/2008
Theme: Belgium Congo 1908-2008
Denomination: 0,80
Sheet size: 100 mmx 166 mm
Composition oh the sheet: 6 stamps

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