Belgium, Expo 58

While Belgium was a pioneer in thè organisation of World's Fairs (Antwerp 1885 and 1930; Brussels 1897,1910 and 1935; Liege, 1930 and 1939), save football's Euro 2000, which was co-hosted with thè Netherlands, there has not been a major event in Belgium since Expo 58.

This probably explains thè great festivities to commemorate it. The Atomium, which was specially commissioned for Expo 58, has become a Belgian icon, so naturally it is thè centre of thè celebra-Ilons fifty years later.

lini Brussels World's Fair 1958 was constructed on thè Heysel plateau, part of which had been irìncl lor thè 1935 Expo. A World's Fair, which always has an International character, is open to ali I ii m i mi i nndnavours and ali naturai or manufactured products.

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