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Por most people, walking and biking are leisure and holidaying pursuits or moments of relaxa-tion during a busy workday.

They are pleasurable forms of exercise that give you an opportunity to really enjoy your surroundings. Walking and biking are fun.

Some go on day tours or long walks. Others spend their holidays biking or walking at nome or abroad.

Some biking enthusiasts explore other parts of Europe or go even far-ther a-field. Hiking expeditions are reserved for adventurous types. They are sometimes combined with kayaking and mountain climbing in thè more inhospitable regions.

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The daily commute is thè most common biking experience for many. And why can that not be a 'holiday' experience too? A daily dose of Code: 08758- relaxation to recharge your batteries

Date: 11/06/2008
Theme: walking and biking
Creation: Michel Provost
Composition: Myriam Voz & Thierry Martin
Denomination: ©or€0.54
Stamp size: 40.20 mm x 27.66 mm
Sheet size: 100 mm x 166 mm
Composition of thè sheets: 10 postage stamps
Paper: GPW phosphorescent
Printing method: rotogravure
Engraving (cylinders): De Schutter 'Neroc nv
Printing: The Post - Stamp Printing Office Mechelen
' included in thè postago stunip xit

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