Aland, issuing programme 2010.

Issuing programme 2010

4.1 Victor Westerholm
1.3 Spar buoys, System A (postel label, FRAMA)
24.3 Nordic - Life at the coast, Kobba klintar (miniature sheet)
24.3 Head of Christ
19.4 Europa - Children´s books
3.5 Passenger ferries - m/s Skandia and m/s prinsessan
10.5 Åland toys (booklet, 3 x 3 motifs)
12.6 The mail route
12.6 My Stamp - Children´s sailing (8 x 1 motif)
30.8 Church interior I (miniature sheet)
30.8 Church interior II
16.9 Åland scenery - Eckerö
16.9 Åland scenery - Sund
8.10 Christmas 2010

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