Aland stamps: New border, new times

Àland became part of the Russian Empire as a result of occurrences 200 years ago and, on 22 January, the Post will be issuing a stamp commemorating the events in Àland in 1808 and 1809.

The stamp motif is that of a boundary post placed on the islet of Flòjtan in the Sea of Aland at the new border between Sweden and Russia in 1810. This boundary post made from wood can now be seen at Aland's Museum and is one of only a few objects telling us about thè separation of Aland and Finland from Sweden. The boundary pole is embossed on thè stamp. In addition, part of thè stamp has been foiled with silver. The stamp is square-shaped, however, has been placed 'on a 45° edge' on thè FDC.
Finland and Sweden also issues stamps to commemorate thè memorable year 1809. Finland's miniature sheet will be issued on thè same day as thè Aland stamp, 22 January, whereas thè Swedish stamp will be issued on 26 March. To emphasize thè common history of Finland, Sweden and Aland, a joint pack will also be produced.

The pack contains thè Finnish miniature sheet with 4 stamps, one Aland stamp and two Swedish stamps and will be issued 26 March. Short texts in Finnish, Swedish and English describe thè 1809 events.

Date ofissue
Price FDC (not signed)
Size of stamp
Size of sheet
Perfora ti on
Printing method
Printing house
22 January 2009
Cecilia Mattsson
200 000
Europa €0.80
35 x 35 mm
2 x 15 stamps
14.25 per 2 cm
104 g/m2
4-colour offset + foiling + embossing

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