Aland Stamps: Spike and Slizy (self adhesive)

Spike and Slizy (self adhesive)

Spike and Suzy are comic strip figures that have grown large m the collective memory of Belgium and thè Netherlands.

More than 60 years ago, Willy Vandersteen app roached the director of the 'De Nieuwe Standaard' newspaper to show him thè rough sketch-es of thè 'Rikki en Wiske in Chocowakije' (Rikki and Suzy in Chocova-kia) story.

Vandersteen wanted to draw two comic strips which would appear as a daily serial in thè newspaper. The public reacted with enthusiasm and subscriber figures rocketed. Rikki was replaced by thè sturdy Spike in thè second story 'Het eiland Amoras' (An island called Hoboken). Aunt Sidonia got a larger role and thè joker Amorose joined a little later. Muscleman Jethro made his entrance in "De dolle musketiers" (The Merry Musketeers).

These comic strip heroes enjoy many crazy adventures together. When the strip reached a wider public, Willy Vandersteen founded Studio Vandersteen, where many cartoonists learnt their trade. Unin-terrupted daily publication spanning many years ensured that many ; generations experienced enjoyable hours of reading with Spike and Suzy. As a result of Professor Barabas's inventions, the reader is taken to faraway countries where he can travel in thè past or to thè distant future.

Everything is possible in this comic strip world and a whole series of eccentric characters are encountered along thè way. After more than 300 albums, the Spike and Suzy stories continue to sell like hot cakes. A number of pages will be added to thè Spike and Suzy success story on 17 June 2009. The 3D film 'De Texasrakkers' (Texas rascals) will premiere on this date. In Benelux this is thè biggest ever 3D

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