Aland, Perforated astronomy stamp

The theme far thè 2009 Europa stamp is astronomy. Àland Post depicts thè Big Dipper constellation or thè Plough (UK), thè stars of which have been punched in thè stamp, creating seven holes in it.

The firmament is divided into 88 constellations, approximately half of which are mostly not visible from Àland, being placed on thè southern sky. The Big Dipper is part of thè Great Bear constellation (Ursa Major). The Great Bear is thè third largest constellation and thè Big Dipper is formed by thè seven brightest stars in thè Great Bear.

The Big Dipper on thè stamp is shown exactly as it appears to an observer in Àland looking towards thè south or south-west at midnight between 8 and 9 May. As a special effect of this sky-blue stamp, thè stars are perforateti, which means to say that they are punched in thè stamp. Consequently, thè stamp is best presented if affixed on a light coloured cover, allowing thè background colour to shine through thè stamp, making thè stars of thè Big Dipper appear clearly.

Three different constellations are depicted on thè gutter pair strip: thè Little Dipper, thè Big Dipper and Cassiopeia. The namcs of thè brightest stars are stated. The stars on thè sheet have been printed with a silver colour.

Date ofissue
•ice FDC e of stamp :e of sheet Perforation Paper Printing method
Printing house
8 May 2009
Cecilia Mattsson
200 000
Europa (€0.80)
40 x 26 mm
2 x 16 stamps
13.5 per 2 cm
105 g/m2
4-colour offset and perforation
(5-colour offset on gutter pair strip)
Posten Sverige

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