Climate friendly electricity to celebrate anniversary

On 22 January, Àland Posi issues a miniature sheet as part of thè joint stamp series 'Preserve thè Polar Regions and Glaciers' in which more than 40 poste from around thè world take part. The Àland contribution features a wind turbine, commemorating thè 10(fh anniversary ofthe introduction of electricity in Àland.

On 1 January 2009, a hundred years have passed since electricity was first introduced in Mariehamn, Àland. The initiator was Julius Sundblom, thè founder ofthe locai newspaper Tidningen Àland. He had procured a top modern electrically driven high-speed press for his printing house in thè autumn of 1908. Consequently, a power station became a necessity and thè limited company Ab Mariehamns Elektricitetsverk was founded. Due to thè very high prices for thè electric current produced, however, only a few citizens were prepared to put money in 'this modernity'. Other parts of Àland were gradually wired but it took its time. In fact it was not until thè end of thè 1970s that thè most remote archipelago islands had been connected with thè mains.
Wind power is thè one source of energy being continuously developed in windswept Àland, which today has 22 wind turbines. Àland lies in thè front in Finland when it comes to developing wind power. Since this is a climate friendly energy alternative, our province is planning for thè major part of its future electrical supply to come from wind power.

Our miniature sheet 'Electricity 100 years' is part of thè joint series of issues 'Preserve thè Polar Regions and Glaciers', in which more than 40 posts from around thè world take part.

The Àland miniature sheet features a wind turbine with a flash of lightning in thè background. The symboi of this joint issue, an ice crystal, can be seen in thè upper left corner. The wind turbine is embossed and thè rest ofthe sheet is supplied with Metal FX effect.

Date of issue
Price FDC
Size of miniature sheet
Printing method
Printing house
22 January 2009
Daniel Eriksson
120 000 miniature sheets
120 x 80 mm
13 per 2 cm
4-colour offset + Metal FX + embossing
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