Stamps of Aland, postal stationery cards

This year's three items of postal stationery were designed by Chiqui Mattson, living in Stockholm but with her roots in Àland.

The three postai stationery cards are issued with thè common name Aland - Land of Islands. And Aland is what connects thè two rectangular cards with thè circular one. The individually designed postage paid symbols are associateti with thè motìfs on thè front.

Chiqui soon decided on a theme for thè postai stationery cards.

"I was set on making something very typical to Aland!"

The circular card symbolizes Aland as thè centre of Earth, quite a common
perception among Alanders. The map allows tourists to mark thè places
they have visited or, perhaps, thè route they took.

Chiqui associates decoys with Aland.

"I collect decoys myself and have used my own as models."
Chiqui's son Kalle played a part in thè idea for thè text card. He works with
publicity in Berlin and believes that more emphasis ought to be put on
Aland's status as a demilitarized and neutra! province, thè islands of peace,
when promoting Aland.

Since 1973, Chiqui has worked for her own company CM Design. She enjoys working for societies, and as such, she has been on thè board Swedish Society for Crafts and Design, Swedish Arts Grants Committee, IASPIS (Int. Artists Studio Program in Sweden) and also been an expert adviser for thè Foundation for Culture of thè Future.

fé of issue
8 May 2009
Chiqui Mattson
3x13 000
€5.55/set ofthree cards
180 x 115 mm and 170 x 170 mm
Edixion 300 g
4-colour offset

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