Aland Stamps,The first motif shows buoys according to the old, Russian buoyage System

A new 3-year series of postal labels focusing on spar buoys starts in 2009. The first motif shows buoys according to thè old, Russian buoyage System.

Allan Palmer has createci ali three motifs. The artist has previously designed several stamps for Àland Post, his latesi stamp being thè issue 'Hladver Lange' in 2000.

A spar buoy is a navigation mark which functions as a navigational aid at sea. Traditionally, thè marking out of entrance fairways and hazardous areas f has been most important. Today, spar buoys are mainly used to mark out
-,\ thè fairways themselves.

According to thè Russian maritime buoyage System, thè reef was to thè east of an east buoy, to thè north of a north buoy, etc. The spar buoys also had baskets fitted at thè top to improve visibility in hard weather conditions. The placing of thè baskets varied depending on thè type of buoy. The baskets are illustrateti on thè first day cover.

Finìand started using spar buoys according to thè Russian maritime buoyage System in 1895. At thè time, most countries had their own maritime buoyage System. Finìand continued to use thè Russian System until thè 1980s, when a more uniform System operating in complete conflict with thè Russian system was taken into use. The two buoyage systems presently in use, thè cardinal and thè lateral systems, will be featured on thè postai labels thè coming two years.

Date of issue
Denominations of series
Price of series
Price FDC (not signed)
Printing method
Printing house
2 February 2009
Allan Palmer
€0.65; 0.75; 0.80; 0.90
40.00 x 30.34 mm
Fluorescens, 105 g/m2
5-colour offset

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