Aland, an underwater stamp

In May, thè stamp "Diving" by Anette Gustafsson will be out, She has illustrateti dìvers at thè wreck Plus.

The "Diving" stamp is Anette's first stamp illustration. Being a diver herself, thè stamp motif was familiar to her.

"The commission was to feature diving at thè wreck Plus. This motif lies very dose to what I would have chosen to paint myself."

Her idea was to go diving on Plus, but she ran out of time. Instead, she enlisted thè help of experienced Aland divers.

"But I have deliberately chosen not to illustrate thè wreck realistically. In fact, thè depth of visibility is not quite as good as thè stamp illustrates and thè masts of thè wreck are off."
Plus was a 70 meter long, three-masted iron barque built in Hamburg in 1885.

The ship wrecked in a storm outside Mariehamn on thè night between 13 and 14 December 1933. The wreck rests in thè sea-approach to Mariehamn, well-protected by thè surrounding archipelago. Plus lies on a slope where thè stern starts at a depth of 17 meters to reach a depth of 32 meters at thè stem.

The masts are stili erect, however, have been blasted off to allow other ships to pass by. Parts of thè wreck have been salvaged, thè steering wheel, compass, anchor with anchor chain and block among other items, and can be seen at Àland's Maritime Museum.

Date of issue
{enomination •tee FDC (not signed) Size of stamp Size of sheet Perforation Paper
Printìng method Printing house
8 May 2009
Anette Gustafsson
200 000
Inrikes (€0.75)
32 x 36.5 mm
2x15 stamps
13 per 2 cm
105 g/m2
4-colour offset
The Lowe Martin Group

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