Àland Post's 2009 Issuing Program

The first stamp of thè year will be issued 22 January when we present a miniature sheet to celebrate thè fact that Aland has had electricity for 100 years.

The miniature sheet is also part of thè joint project "Preserve thè Polar Regions and Glaciers" in which some 40 postai administrations around thè world take part, each issuing a miniature sheet on thè same theme.

The photographer Daniel Eriksson's artistically composed photograph shows a wind turbine. On thè same day, we issue thè stamp New border - new times by Cecilia Mattsson. The stamp commemorates thè 200th anniversary of thè events in 1809 leading to Aland and Finland becoming part of thè Russian empire. The stamp features a boundary post placed at thè new border in thè Sea of Aland. This particular boundary post can now be seen at Aland's Museum.

On 2 February, thè 2009 postai labels will be out. The new theme is Spar buoys, and thè artist Allan Palmer has illustrated thè Russian spar buoy System.

A booklet featuring Àland authors will be issued on 21 March. The booklet presents Anni Blomqvist, Valdemar Nyman and Ulla-Lena Lundberg. Apart from thè authors' portraits, thè artist Juha Pykàlàinen has painted typical motifs illustrating their novels.

On 6 Aprii, a stamp designed by Jonas Wilén commemorating thè 100th anniversary of cinemas in Aland will be out. The first cinema show was organized 1909 at thè spa hotel in Mariehamn.

The 2009 Europa stamp will be issued on 8 May. Cecilia Mattsson has interpreted thè Astronomy theme, and thè result is a sky-blue stamp with perforated stars in thè form of thè Plough as seen from Aland. On thè same day, we issue thè stamp Diving by Anette Gustafsson featuring divers at thè wreck Plus. Apart from thè two stamp issues, 8 May is also thè day when we issue thè 2009 postai stationery cards. Chiqui Mattson has designed thè cards and named them Àland - land of islands.

On 1 June, thè Aland Post starts a new series of stamps featuring passenger ferries. In 2009, thè stamps feature thè first Aland passenger ferry S/S Viking and thè most recent Viking Line ship which is planned to commence traffic between Mariehamn and Kapellskàr during 2009. The artist is Hakan Sjòstròm.

On 27 June, Aland Post issues a stamp focusing on thè fact that Aland hosts thè 2009 NatWest Island Games XIII. The self-adhesive stamp is sold in booklets of 8 stamps and depicts a sprinter ali set to go from an Aland cliff. At thè same time, we publish a new My Stamps frame. From then on, it is possible to create My Stamps with a special Island Games frame.

Òn 16 September, we issue two new stamps in thè Àland scenery series. The jphotographers Andy Horner and Kjell Sòderlund have shot thè motifs in Saltvik and Foglò.

"Two Christmas stamps will be published on 9 October. Linn Dahlblom has painted happy little Christmas goblins in different situations. On thè same day, thè 2009 Christmas seals will also be available, depicting funny rabbits by Anita Polkutie.

For more information, please contact Katja Rikberg, Posten Àland Stamps.
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22.1 Electricity 100 years (miniature sheet)

22.1 New border - new times

2.2 Spar buoys (postal labels)

21.3 Åland authors (booklet, 3 x 3 motifs)

6.4 Cinemas 100 years

8.5 EUROPA - Astronomy

8.5 Diving

1.6 Passenger ferries: S/S Viking and Newbuilding 2009

27.6 My Stamps - Island Games 2009 (self-adhesive booklet, 8 x 1 motif)

16.9 Åland scenery - Saltvik and Föglö

29.9 My Åland, Martti Ahtisaari

9.10 Christmas 2009

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