Belgium Museums: 90 years after The First World War

The National Footwear Museum in Izegem takes us back to an age when the town's shoes were synonymous with luxury and quality.

Izegem's foot-wear industry prospered between 1920 and 1960 and the museum, which opened in 1968, is home to the finest exemplars. It also accommodates a historical exhibition dating from thè ancient Egyptians to thè present day.

Museum "en Piconrue" in Bastogne is housed in the old cloister of Beth-leem (1628). Since opening its doors in 1986, the museum has concentrated on religious art. There is an exhibition on thè customs of thè Catholic faith and popular beliefs in thè Ardennes and Luxembourg.

Museum David & Alice van Buuren in Brussels is a "house museum". Ban-ker and patron David van Buuren and his wife Alice had this house built in art-deco style in 1928.

Renowned interior designers were commissioned to ensure that every detail was just right. The art collection, especially thè paintings, includes a host of great names, like Ensor, Van Gogh, De Smet. Perrneke, van de Woestijne and thè Breughels.

Issue date: 20/10/2008
Theme: 90 years after The First World War
Denomination: 0,
Stamp size: 200 mm x 83 mm
Composition oh the sheet: 3 stamps

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